This month's challenge theme actually dovetails nicely with my Troglodyte lair from last month. There, the PCs got thrown into a cavern which turned out to be a secret entry point for smuggled cargo. So, for this month's challenge, I thought I'd map the smuggler's off-shore hideout.

"The Floating City of Khuramunz" - Home of the Plundering Horde...Basic idea is that a smuggler's/pirate's guild of sorts has set up a floating base of operations a few dozen miles off shore. This is where territory is divided up, inter-guild quarrels are settled, and ships can safely off load/seek repairs in the absence of a friendly port.

In many ways, the city will be a mix between "Waterworld" (Really bad Kevin Costner movie from the 90s) and the Ancient Aztec City of Tenochtitlan. Small city kept afloat by millions of empty barrels strung together and anchored to the sea floor. The city is protected by a ring of ships tethered together and with rope bridges connecting each ship to the city. The "city" itself is quite small and mostly consists of taverns/whorehouses/gambling halls, etc. At the center is the guild house which will be a multi-story building capped by a light tower.

I just started thinking about this and sketching things out really open to suggestions. I'm also trying to figure out whether I want to try to map it with CC3 (which i'm much more comfortable and competent with) or photoshop...

### LATEST WIP ###
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