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Thread: The Aralor Empire and the lands to the north-west

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    Wip The Aralor Empire and the lands to the north-west

    I'm a bit late to write a "member introduction" - my first visit to this fantastic site happened slightly more than a year ago Still I think its better late than never

    Inventing worlds and drawing maps was my hobby since childhood. I used to play RPGs with my friends, but nowadays I don't meet them often. Several years ago I decided to take the best from each world I had made and make a new one from these parts. (Sounds funny ) Of course I needed a new map. I made several sketches untill the main idea was clear. Then I decided to make a computer-made map. I didn't have much experience in digital map-making: as a child I preferred using pencils. So my first attempt at map-making began.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	North-West.jpg 
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    The work stopped, when I found this site. The amount of different map-making stiles (and tutorials!) here absolutely overwhelmed me. So I abandoned my map and started playing with Photoshop and Gimp, trying different methods.

    So you see where my work has stopped. The map is unfinished and it has serious flaws.
    1. Resolution is too low. You cannot zoom in and look closely at the details without seeing pixels.
    2. The mountains and forests were drawn by hand (using a mouse ). It was absolutely exhausting - and that is one reason why the quality leaves much to be desired.

    These are 2 main problems that are most difficult to overcome. Of course, there are also many minor defects. And it well may be I don't see more fundamental drawbacks.

    Now I don't know what to do with this map. On one hand it would be better to start from scratch and to use the knowlege found here on this site from the very beginning. But... It would be really great to find some tricky way to make a decent map out of this.

    Can something worthy still be made of this map? Can it be fixed? Or is it just a waste of time?
    Should I finish this map or start a new one?
    I cannot decide. Please, help me.

    P.S. May be some kind of extremely worn-out map can be made from this low-quality image?
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