Hello all.
Just a quick introduction. I'm Dan and I've been a lover of maps since I made my first treasure map as I child. My love of maps grew stronger in my early teens when I started playing more computer games, especially rp games that came with fold out maps. I since have misplaced some of those games but their maps are still on my walls or among my books. I collect any map I can get hold of, my most recent being a Thorins map replica from the hobbit.
A few months back me and some friends started a dungeons and dragons campaign and as the dungeon master I've tasked myself with creating a beautiful world to play and what's a world without a map. Searching the internet for tips and guides on how to create great looking maps I stumbled upon this site and wow I'm impressed.
You guys have created maps I could only dream of making. I've only ever hand drawn my maps but with the help and info on this site I would one day like to create great looking professional maps like the ones I see on here.