So I am working on an original fantasy setting for a game I want to run with some friends, but I would like to have a world I can develop and play around with. For this I need just a basic overland map for 3 continents.

Commission: If possible I would like the work to be done for free seeing as this is just for a hobby, but I'd be willing to pay up to ~$50 for a map if the quality is good.

Subject: For the map I would like it based around 3 continents, similar to Eurasia and Africa, in both Size and look. I have some basic information as well on important places I would like on the map from mountain ranges, important rivers, and various other things. The Map will just be Environmental information, nothing involving country boundaries and territories, just important aspects of the continents. While some things are fixed there is also plenty of room for an artist to add details.

As for the Scale, I would like something roughly 400mi/1 inch since I am trying to cover all of the known world in the setting.

Style: I would prefer the map to be done in greyscale, though colored ones would also be ok. I would prefer decent quality illustration, and if possible a style similar to this: Download Fantasy Art Wallpaper 2102x1528 | Wallpoper #418330

Quality: I am looking for something of semi-professional quality, not something to extravagent, but decent. Like I said this is just for a hobby so something simple and easy to understand would be great. As for a Size I would prefer the map to fit on a sheet of 8.5" by 11" paper so I can pas it around easily.

Time Constraints:Preferably I would like to have it done in 2 months.

If you're interested Email me at to discuss more of the details, or if you have any questions.