Hey guys,

So my new project is to make a survival-style 2d rpg, where you explore the wilderness and hunt things... but at the very start i would like to create a decent, believable world.

I think i've mentioned it before, but when i was a kid i came across a program that built a world.. not just using perlin noise or such, but it actually went through several stages... continent creation, drift, erosions, running waters and lakes, etc... it did climates, biomes, regions, etc.. and would even place civs, plants, and animals in realistic locations.. i'm looking to try my hand at a similar system.. i think it'd have good results, while also giving something cool to show the players as it's being built.

I'd like to invite people to suggest things, ways to go about such building.. any examples you may have seen that look interesting... that type of thing...

I'll also try to keep you guys posted as i go, to hear your thoughts and suggestions.