Hey all! I am a writer and digital artist! I have been working on everything from film projects to table top gaming systems for most of my life. I came across Cartographers Guild, while doing a quick Google search to see different ways people have presented towns, cities, and the such on their fantasy maps.

I have two major personal projects I am working on currently. The first is a film project set in a post apocalyptic world, and I am sure I will share more on that as time goes on. The next is really sort of two mini-projects. Towards the end of college I began to write a science fiction novel, containing a known universe style concept. In that Science Fiction world, exists the planet that I run my homebrew Pathfinder (Dungeons and Dragons) game on.

It was work on this homebrew map that brought me to the Guild! I look forward to showing some of my work, getting feedback, and learning how to push my existing skills even further!