Morning everyone!

My name is Greg, or CasperPage, or Hod, or NeoHod...depending on what game I'm playing!

I am currently a grad student at University of Nebraska at Omaha, working on my Master of Arts in Geography. My focus is on media geography, media in all its forms television, movies, music and literature. Throughout my studies I've taken a number of cartography and GIS courses. I've found the creativity of using Adobe Illustrator to create maps quite fun. I am really intrigued by the idea of using tiles to create detailed fictional maps to incorporate into something like OpenStreeMaps or Google's API.

Once I finish defending my thesis proposal in the next couple weeks there are a couple of projects I'm going to start and I will utilize this board a lot since it seems like many of you have the experience and knowledge that I'll need. Hopefully I won't be too annoying.

Feel free to message me or whatever, I love talking anything geographic and I live in what I like to call Theoretic Geography! heh.

Thanks for letting me join