Hi guys,

How far away should all things be? I'll elaborate, haha. The one aspect of my world that is yet to be defined is the distance from all things to all other things. Coasts to coasts, cities to cities, and everything else in between.

When I look at my map I imagine it to be the size of Britain, but near the centre there is a huge bay because I like the idea of cities on the western coasts of the bay seeing the cities on the eastern side on a clear day, much like England and France over the Channel. But the Channel is 21 miles (I think) and that will make my map too small, or will it?

When I'm thinking of distance I like to think of it in terms of how far a character can see. I try to imagine the entire view when I'm writing. But how far can a person see, realistically? Would it be silly of me to make the bay 100 miles at its widest and still claim those from the east can see the west? I'm sure this will also be determined by how high the elevation is of either coast.

If anyone can understand this plight I will appreciate any advice! Haha. I'm not so sure I've come across as clearly as I intended.

When you guys are defining distance on your maps, how do yous come to final decisions and why those exactly?

All the best guys,