Hey guys,

Looooove the topic. Unfortunately I only found out a week ago and just didn't have a minute until last night. With less than five days to go, and most of them work-days, I'll need to cut some corners, I think. But I finally wanted to get into a Challenge again for a change. And I wouldn't be myself if I didn't try and subvert expectations a little... but more on that later.

### Latest WIP ###
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...and yes, I got a bit more done than this last night, but I thought I'd tease for just a little while. Because, why the hell not. And getting the Hexgrid all nice and shiny wasn't as easy as it should be, thanks to Inkscape's gorram inefficient engine.

Isomage's SVG hexgrid generator is the best one I found: SVG Hex Grid Generator - just wish it had the ability to use centimeters, and to generate standard sized sheets filled with hexes. Ah, well, the world ain't perfect.