Hiya all!

I'm an ex-physics student changing to engineering this fall who has plenty of spare time on his hands!

Why spent time on cartography?

Because I enjoy thinking stories, it's one of my favourite past times after eating and sleeping. The main issue with this is that cohesive story lines are rather difficult to accomplish.

Imagine yourself walking into an inn; What does the barkeep look like, what about the inn, the patrons? Where is the inn? What the hell was I thinking about!?

To solve this conundrum I set out to create a framework upon which I could base my pondering. I thought of towns, villages, and nations as well as councils, orders, and bunny rabbits.

But... where the **** are these places!? Why does the Markian rabbit taste different from the Narian rabbit? I need a map!

So I set out to create this map. I scoured the deepest reaches of "the GOOGLE" in my quest for tutorials, tips, and tricks until I chanced upon this magnacious (magnificent yet gracious) place.

In my need for guidance I registered, looking forward to my chances of pestering you with questions and ill-begotten designs. For much to learn have I.