The goal of this project is as mentioned here. More specifically I aim to create a world with national, internal and personal strive. A world as alive as good sushi the day before you eat it. A world map of Lyr, at first. Then, in detail, of all it's nations and places of note. Forged through history and following it's future

That is, if I don't get bored whilst trying to do this.

Word of Warning (WoW): I can't draw. Advice is appreciated.

Step 1: I created some clouds, posterised the image and cut out whatever shapes I wanted to use as small and large land masses.

Step 2: I made a contour out of the solid bodies.

Step 3: I smudged colour where-ever I wanted hills, mountains or forest.

Step 4: Have a friend tell me I draw like a 3-year-old.

Step 5: Create moutains, hills, rivers, towns and nations. (warning: large)

I'm planning on keeping it all in black and white for now and on creating more detailed maps for various regions once I am done with the map of at least these two continents.

As I'm a newb to this, all advice, constructive criticism, and even scepticism pertaining to the reality of my being are welcome.