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    Wip Piohok - Ice bound village

    Well, I am once more gonna try to finish a map....

    Those who have been here long enough, MAY remember my the odd couple of maps that I have started but never got close to finishing...Well, here is yet another attempt to get a map completed....

    I had this idea for a race of icebound Northmen who raid the southern peoples for the couple of months that their ports are open. I had this idea ever since I read WotC's Frostburn and figured out how these guys would build their houses (dug out of the rocky ground with low eaves and walls of stone) on areas close to an iced in shore where the winds have laid the rock bare of ice, or at exposed some of the rock.

    Anyhoot, I was just fiddling around with Gimp and came up with something that brought all that back to the for-brain. So tinkering around a but more I came up with this:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is just the beginnings with a small harbour to the left and just above the "point", where a lighthouse type structure is going to go. You will (I hope) notice the exposed rocky areas and the houses are going to go in the places where there are "flatter" areas. I DO need to figure out how to DO the housing though so that might take a while...

    C&C are always welcome so don't be shy.
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