So I just registered because I figured I'd share this. Normally I'm the one collecting the high-res maps from here and other places and putting them in my collection to share with other people, but this one is a little different. I greatly enjoy the Tomb, but in my futile effort to run it on Roll20, I found WotC's 3.5 map to not match the grid well, and one from this site not have the detail I like. So I spent a little bit of time and a lot of searching Dundjinni's database for props to bust this out in Photoshop. Nothing special, only took about a day, and there's a lot of tweaks here and there to make, but I think it's useable.

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My current gripe is that I started too small, and there's not enough detail on the props. So I'll possibly scale it up a bit, but that's a project for another time.