Hello everyone

I am Revuscuan, which is a name from my conworld (To be formed by advice). I really like learning things here in order to make maps for my conworld Zivas.

This site will also help me, I presume, to become familiar with a lot of aspects of cartography and working with photoshop (I am not so good with computers). I am used to draw maps on dead trees, because I can still change a mistake, but in the end, it will get messy. Drawing clean, awesome maps is my first objective.

My main occupation however are linguistics and foreign languages. I speak Dutch as my mother tongue, I am studying French and German at the Faculty of Applied Linguistics in Ghent, I speak English as a fourth language. My second objective is to improve the quality of my English (So you may correct me if I make a mistake). I am constructing a conlang too.

My third and final objective is to understand the growth of cities in general. Why does a building disappear? When do the walls disappear?...

I hope to learn a lot and I thank you beforehand for making this amazing site.

Ô Nasurion 30, non Nivuon Ardan 2013 (30th May, of the terrestrial year 2013)