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Thread: Well, here goes!

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    Default Well, here goes!

    Hello people!

    I'm quite new in the mapping side of rpgs. I've been DMing for the past 13 years, but aside from quick sketches on a piece of paper or some dabbling in photoshop, I never created maps. I'm looking forward using your work for inspiration, and I'll be sure to post my work to give back and maybe give someone else some juice!

    I just got my hands on the CC3 software. Looking forward to what I can do with that, and then maybe get more add ons (like dungeon or city designer), but for now ill go basic, because it's a pretty costy software!

    See you guys!

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    Welcome to the Guild !! You've come to the right place for inspiration it practically oozes from the walls around here
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    Welcome aboard! I'm new as well, and don't know much about cartography, except for the love of it! ^^

    I also have CC3, love the program! And like you, I'll have to get the add ons a little at a time! lol

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    Welcome to the Guild kayrajh! You may find the tutorials section helpful, there are several tutorials on building cities and dungeons in Photoshop there.


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    Thanks, I'll be sure to check the tutorials!

    Man there are some good works in here it's awesome!

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