With a decision of government, one of the last green areas in Taksim, Istanbul was going to turned into a Mall. Protestors all around Turkey was at Gezi Park for days to stop this from happening. The demolishing order has been paused. But the people of Turkey has awoken. The pressure of the rule of the prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has now pushed it's limits. Ten thousands are at the Istanbul right now, resisting to the forces of the police. As i said, for now, it's only a resistance. Everyone except the police and the ruling political party AKP is with the people right now. Other events are happening in other cities too, but for now it's a battle-zone at Taksim, Istanbul. City's air is full of tear gas. Police is attacking to the protesters with cannon water and tear gas. More than 50 people are injured. At least 5 dead or about to die. As i said earlier, it's only a resistance for now. Most of the people are at the Army Houses for now, if the police keeps coming, army may interfere. All i want is your help. All WE want is your help. Please make sure our voices echoes all through earth. Please inform everyone about this over, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or whatever you use. Please..