Okay, so I've been attempting to make a decent map in Campaign Cartographer 3 for about the last four hours. It seems to me that all I do is only a waste of time and doesn't actually help, so I decided to register and ask the pros for help here. So first off, let me say: Hello everyone!

Now that we got that out of the way, here's my problem: First I was using AutoREALM to create my fractal landmasses. They were looking really, really good, but I quickly found out that the design options for maps in AutoREALM are just not very good. Couldn't even figure out how to color different parts of the land in a different color, so I switched to CC3, which is supposed to be really good in terms of design and customization, but has a really steep learning curve. And not only that, personally I don't like its fractal pathing at all. At all. I tried for about an hour to create decent looking outlines with it, but nothing simply came even close to my landmasses from AutoREALM. So I tried to somehow get them into CC3, and I finally managed to do it by exporting the AutoREALM outlines into a .BMP file and then converting that into vectors and importing it into CC3. Now I got the outlines, great! But the thing is, I just can't get the areas to become filled. I know how to do Path -> Polygon, but that only works for smaller islands on my map, larger continents it will mess up completely.

I have uploaded the file here (CC3 .FCW format, could also upload the vector file even though I don't know why that would help). As you can see, I have managed to fill some areas (smaller islands as mentioned), but the larger ones just won't work. I'd really appreciate it if you could give me a hand here, because I am really desperate.
By the way, that horizontal line movement in the middle of the left continent is supposed to be cliffs. The double S formation is a kind of valley, leading down to that lowground area at the top.