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Thread: A Cookie Arrives

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    Default A Cookie Arrives

    Hello everyone!

    I didn't notice that there was an introduction forum before. Now I did. So here goes.

    Humans call me ... "cookie". Ever since my birth, everyone always called me that. I'm not sure what it means, or why the humans think they have the right of naming me. But this name has stuck with me ever since. My fellow congeners were never as strong as I was. Some were eaten. Some corroded in a white substance. I, however, developed certain tactics to keep those pesky humans off my hide. And that's how I got to my prename.

    I'm currently writing a fantasy story and am still pretty much in the planning stage. I had one of these really great looking worlds (see thar: )
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Cookie Map.jpg 
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    (I took out all the names of the cities and lands and forests and, you know, all the other stuff, because I want to use them on my new map)
    done with Photoshop, took me ages until it was done, but it looked really nice. Then I decided it's way too boring. I mean, look at it. One simple continent, pretty much rectangular shape, divided into a few nations. How boring. So I am currently in the process of making another map, which is, by the way, what my other topic that I've created yet is about (I could need some help there, guys).

    That's kind of it. If you need more information, go visit this page.


    EDIT Looks like I durped big time when I resubmitted the thread because it didn't show up. Maybe I should actually try to read what the boards tell me next time.
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    Welcome to the Guild SC. T'was I who dumped that second post. Sometimes our spam blocker dumps posts from new members into moderation queue. The main cause seems to be off-board links. I believe that a few more posts and that will no longer be a problem.

    Nice map and I have to agree that the map seems a bit(to use your words) "boring". It does show that you have some of the basic principles of map creation and texture use. I look forward to seeing more of your work.
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    Welcome to the Guild SuspiciousCookie! The color and overall style of the map is nice, but the shape doesn't really grab me. But hey, chalk it up to good practice and start a new map. Look forward to seeing what else you come up with.


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