The title says it all. I am yet another newbie making yet another first world map. This is not my first map, I have been hand drawing them for years, and I even go through the trouble of using tea-dipped parchment to print some of my stuff on. However, this is my first time taking my primary fantasy world and attempting to use GIMP to "improve" it. I have been learning my mistakes, and adjusting my maps in different areas, and will continue to improve the map. I am struggling with mountains, tundras and swamps.

Gimp has been kind to me, however I just haven't had that moment of insight yet where you "figure it out".

I have river ranges, inland seas, rivers bending around islands, and other issues to correct. I also have issues with deserts and rainforests.

In all the years I have been making hand drawn maps, I have never really cared about quality; only gameplay functionality. Now, I am at the point where I want to change my map to make it as realistic as possible within the fantasy parameters I have defined for the world. Eek! I know, many will cringe at the thought of yet another incorrect, bastardized abortion of a world map. Hopefully, with the right advice and tutorials and improvements in GIMP now that I have a summer break, I will be able to get it right.