Hey everyone,

So I'm creating my first continent of the world I created for my RPG game. I've come up with alot of the history and names and landmarks. But for my original map idea, I want it to be focused on this first big continent. I've included what I have so far.

So my main advice that I am seeking, is what should I include named and marked on this map? Any suggestions and reasoning would be highly welcome. The columns on the side are going to be vignettes of the cultures that make up the world. (a few varieties of elves, humans, dwarves, etc...)

The cartouche is going to include a basic description of the "age" and who it was commissioned by and some details. The basic concept is there is 3 kingdoms and 7 free cities that comprise this continent. There are some political problems as well as magical forces at work.

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Thanks in advance!