Hey there, everyone. I'm new to this site, and incredibly envious of everyone's mapmaking abilities. I'm looking to commission someone to create a map of a fictional metropolis set in the modern era. I've always wanted to have a ready-made setting I can use for any sort of RPG I set in the "real world", whether it's a thriller, a superhero game, a horror story or anything else.

I can answer any questions people have about the basics of the map. It'll be set in far northern California (where there are very few people in real life) and be about 7 million people in all - Around the size of the Miami, Dallas or Philadelphia metro areas. There will be a decently long coastline with the Pacific Ocean, and since the area in real life has plenty of forests and mountains nearby, those would probably be a factor in its design.

In terms of style, it doesn't need to be super-realistic. The zoom would have to be far enough to cover the entire metro area, so the scale won't be able to show individual buildings (although I'd like some special designation for landmarks). This will be for personal use, so there's no real time deadline. That can be discussed with rates.

This is my first map commission, so you can ask any questions here or contact me via PM to talk about rates. I hope to hear from you!