Hello there sirs and ladies, I am here to request a map from a talented mapmaker!

So, basically, this is a map of a somewhat large medieval-style continent, called Faladhom. Basically, it is divided into 4 main kingdoms: Endūr, Arnvor, Alinor, Havenoth, and Illiuil. Endūr and Arnvor are the two largest kingdoms of men, and Alinor is a medium-sized kingdom of men again. Havenoth is a small Dwarven kingdom, and Illuil is the medium-size Elven kingdom. The kingdoms are divided by mountains ranges, with a scattered with few-and-far-between mountains gaps. Havenoth, the Dwarf kingdom in the north, is a frosty, cold, pine-forest covered land, with only two main cities: Zavahar, which is in the western borders of the land, and Belhaur, located in the very center. Belhaur is also right next to the River Canhuil, which runs right through Havenoth. Havenoth also has 1 town in it, located in the south, called Karmauth.

The next kingdom, Illuil, is on the western coast. The two cities, Varioth and Orphaus, are both on the coastline. The three towns of Illuil; Nemril, Jarmio and Peete, are scattered about the eastern and southhern lands of Illuil. Illuil is also half-covered by deciduous forests.

Next kingdom! Alinor is a desolate plain-land in the east of the continent. Only one city sits here: Godnar, the great city of men and also the capital city of this land. Alinor has in it 4 great lakes: Calivros, Enūin, Ainulendė and Narfaul. These large bodies of water are scattered about the land. There are three towns in Alinor, all of which are on the coasts of the 4 lakes. The towns are: Yarnor, Greyfall, Blackwood and Goldshire.

Alright, the next land I will be describing is Arnvor, the second largest continent, after Alinor. It is mostly rolling hills, with the few-and-fair-between deciduous forests. Alinor has in it three cities, all on seats of the mountain ranges. The cities are: Ūndūl, Havroth and Lendor. There are no towns of any significance.

Last nation! This is Endūr, a medium size land on the southwestern coast. It is completely covered with deciduous forests, with only 4 towns: Narvelle, Wessernoth, Parhaus and Imphariel. There are also many rivers running through this land.

Of course, throughout all this land, there are many rivers, which I have not thought of the location. If someone wishes to make this map, they can put the rivers wherever they want, but with these names: The River Henūl, the River Baurus, the River Ranweth, the River Enduin, and the River Turgaul.

So much for a brief description.

Regarding the quality and size, I am looking for the Tolkien-type style of maps:
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And for the size, I am looking for standard print size, 8.5 x 11 inches.

This map will be used purely for personal use, and I will not use it for commercial purposes and/or make any money off of it.

If anyone would be so generous as to create me this map, I would be so greatful. Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and have a nice day!

Thanks again!
- Biofrell.