Right then, first time posting, no pressure...

I'm a second year university student, who became rather enthralled with DnD over the past couple of months. I enjoy those few hours each week when I can put my own routine on hold and instead take up the persona of a affable, italian-accented mercenary or a forlorn ranger who forever longs to be out in the wilds of the world. I love being able to take a character sheet, with lists of stats and feats and gear specs, and weaving it into the story of a deep, believable character as he/she embarks out into a vast, historically and culturally rich world of possibilities, whether for the sake of saving the world itself, or merely for the simple pleasures of personal gain.

It is with this in mind, that I designed a map of my first character's homeland for my GM to incorporate into our campaign. I spent an open afternoon or two creating it - and admittedly I was rather rushed to finish it, so the final product is far from what I intended. But since that first attempt, I've felt the itch to start up another map, another story, another world.

Now that my group's first campaign is over, I've offered to GM the next campaign in the coming semester. And apart from a captivating story, I really want to create a map that helps to draw my players, and me, into the game world.

And so, seeking to both improve my skills and to cultivate this newfound hobby, here I am.

If anyone is interested in my first map, I suppose I could post that. Though be warned, it's far from anything I've seen on this site so far.