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Thread: ...And he shall be named Mandrake !

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    Default ...And he shall be named Mandrake !

    Hello , I have a dream, a dream where I make the perfectliest video game... Until then I'll make good games and a big part of doing good games are the maps , and the places they represent, so , here I am , trying to learn how to make maps that seem natural and represent places that look good...

    On the personal side I'm an european guy , I can talk English, French and Italian , I'm learning Japanese(and after that I'd like to learn Korean or Russian)
    I've lived on this planet for 23 years, and I can do a lot of things but I'm not specialized in everything(In the game I'm trying to develop now I do pretty much everything , tough I'm searching kind hands to help me for the 3d modellisation and texturing...)

    I like maps s I knew this forum from a long time ago ( I have gotten some maps from here for D&D campaigns ^^) and I think it's really great to see a place like this on the net

    See ya in the forums !

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    Welcome aboard Mandrake, I wish you all the best in your quest to build the perfectliest video game. Sounds like you are a man of many talents. Looking forward to seeing the maps you create for your game.


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