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Thread: I would like to create my own battlemaps from scratch

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    Default I would like to create my own battlemaps from scratch

    Simple title, not so simple task.

    I'm interested in making battlemaps solely for the use while DMing my Pathfinder games via the virtual tabletop Roll20 (Roll20: Web-based online virtual tabletop for all roleplaying games (RPGs)) I'm interested in making them as detailed as possible while maintaining proper structure and level design.

    Basically I'm just looking for advice on where to start and the best methods of building my own environments and dungeons. I would be interested in creating 3D elements and using those in my maps to create the old school faux 3D that I grew up with.

    Thanks in advanced for any help and advice given, I look forward to being a part of this community and posting my results.

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    Do you have any image editing software? If not, download GIMP and Inkscape to start with. They're both free and not too hard to learn to use.

    Then the way I did it was just to scour the Tutorial section of the board here. I literally took an hour or so and flipped through the pages of Tutorial threads and bookmarked anything that looked interesting. Run yourself through a couple tutorials, picking beginner ones to start with and then working your way up. Your first attempts probably will not come out exactly the way you want, but stick with it and you'll see yourself starting to get better and better. (And able to work faster and faster.)

    This one's great for getting the hang of basic battlemapping in GIMP:
    NewbieDM Tutorial: The Battlemap, a guest post by Jonathan Roberts | www. Newbie DM .com

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