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Thread: Revamp of existing high-fantasy D&D city map

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    Default Revamp of existing high-fantasy D&D city map

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for someone who can help me out with "upgrading" an existing map. Details are as follows:

    I am looking for a "revamp" of an existing city map that one of the players in my D&D group once made in Campaign Cartographer / City Designer 2 (unfortunately, I only have a JPG-version; the original CC-files have been lost). The map is several years old - and that really shows. Although the map is fully "functional", it's not really much to look at. So I'd like someone to give it an upgrade to modern-day fantasy cartography standards. The current map looks like this (bigger version is available, if needed):

    The city to be mapped is Mistport, a self-made, high-fantasy D&D city. Mistport is currently a type "Large" city, with roughly 52,000 inhabitants. In gaming terms, it sometimes acts as a portal between the Prime Material plane and the world of Ravenloft, where I drop my players every now and then. A little bit of background:

    On the rugged west coast of the continent of Yria lies the thriving port city of Mistport. Anyone observing the local weather conditions for more than a day quickly discovers that the city’s name couldn’t be any more accurate; an eerie mist rises from the sea both at dusk and at dawn, and slowly creeps into the city’s narrow streets like a silent army of ghosts. According to local legends, the fog sometimes even snatches unlucky people away from their everyday life, never to be heard from again. But of course, those are only fairy tales...

    Seventy-five years ago, Mistport was nothing more than a mediocre port town. At that time, the land suffered from a mysterious undead plague. Armies of skeletons, zombies and other undead monsters were roaming the lands and attacking every living being.

    During those dark and dangerous days, a group of adventurers named “Ahram’s Talons” valiantly battled the undead forces. After many battles, they discovered the source of the plague and defeated it and rid the land of the living dead. Even though they were welcomed as heroes and celebrations lasted for weeks, the brave adventurers (probably for reasons of their own) never shared any information about what the source of the undead plague had been, nor how they battled and eventually defeated it.

    As a reward for cleansing the land, the king gave Ahram’s Talons a small province on the west coast to govern, of which Mistport, as the largest city (with “large” being only a relative term), was the capital. The five members of Ahram’s Talons settled down in Mistport and founded the five major noble houses that still exist to rule the city this day. Under the rule of the noble houses, Mistport experienced a booming growth and quickly became one of the largest trading cities in the entire kingdom.
    More information on the city (such as a more detailed description of the city's districts, quality of the houses, roads and sewers, important places, et cetera) is available if needed.

    Like mentioned above, I'd like the existing map to be upgraded regarding graphics and visual style. Examples of what I'm roughly looking for:

    Since Mistport is an existing city and there's an existing map, the assignment is somewhat "fixed"; things like city walls, some major roads and the division of the city into several districts (which are, by the way, not shown on the map above, but available if needed) are not set into stone, but the new map should at least roughly resemble the old one (lest my players freak out ).

    No building numbers nor street names are needed. The 5 banners of Mistport's noble houses that are displayed on the "old" map should be omitted on the new one.

    Transfer of files
    I can supply a large-size image of the "old" map, a version with the city's districts shown on it, and several documents with background information, if needed. Easiest way for me would be to use WeTransfer or some other online file exchange service. That also goes for the end result. If FTP is preferred, that can be arranged as well.

    Quality & size
    I want to be able to print the map on an A2-size sheet of paper (420mm × 594mm / 16.54in × 23.39in) without having to enlarge the image (vector graphics would be awesome, but a fixed-size high-quality raster image is ok as well). Prefered file types: PSD (Photoshop), JPG or PNG. Map has to be full-color. 300 dpi minimum.

    Time constraints
    Flexible; there's no real time pressure (since it's not being published or anything), but I think it would be best for both parties to still agree on some sort of deadline to work with.

    Remains with cartographer. These maps will not be published or reproduced for commercial gain by me (the map will be for non-commercial use, as I will only use it in my own gaming sessions). Thusly they will be for my personal use only. However, I do require permission to reproduce the maps as needed for my personal use. Also, I would like permission to add in a name and building key as needed.

    I really have no idea as to what would be a reasonable price, so just make me an offer. Although I respect the fact that good quality comes at a price and that probably many hours of labor will go into this, please also keep in mind that I'm just a hobbyist, so there *is* a limit to what I can afford to spend on this

    Since I live in The Netherlands, I prefer payment by PayPal. Upfront payment of a part of the sum can be arranged, with the rest paid upon delivery and acceptance of the final results.

    Martin Krans
    Please use subject line "Mistport city map"

    If there are any further questions, please let me know!
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    This assignment has now been taken.

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