Hi Guild,

Here is my next try for the monthly challenges. It was nice to see how Carbus was develloping his map last Month, and I kind of like the different city concepts embedded in his map. One of the features missing in my Portfolio is for sure a bunch of Citymaps. With this challenge I want to explore a style for new city maps and also try to capture the atmo of Carbus' Design.

Marcadur is the main Cityport of the northern Sheikdom of Qosmar, its mercantile epcentre and last stop of the Trader Guilds of Ganduram before they left for the Bonerealms and the shores beyond the Borders of Debalon. The Port is a strange meltingpot of cultural outcasts and a hundred foreign religions, ruled by a council of the fourtyfive most prominant Guilds and Sects, who each created a highttower within the city. Therefore it is uncomprehensiv for most Rulers of the old imperial Northlands, why this city can exist in a peacefull and even prospering stability. Since the Council of the Hight-Towers took over the city from the corupt Sheik Isharrad Abassari Ibn Halid Avorassari in the 1187. Year of the fall of the old Empire nearly eighty years ago, Marcadur has become the heart of the overseatrade. Recent outbreaks of the Red Death, the construction of the Temple of the Infernalists on the Hundred God's Cliffs, and the selfdestruction of four Councilfactions within a bloody night of assasinations and betrayal have leave the city with open wounds and a shockfrozen Council. What will happen now, that the Hightsheik of Qosmar anounced a new Sheik (including a promise of purging fire from the Salahoradin-Inquisition) and foreign ships full of soldiers entering the waterfront?