Hi all,

this is my 2nd map after a first attempt of drawing a village with CD3. I don´t know if I´m posting right, after reading the sub-forum descriptions I decided to post it as an "general outdoor map" ;-)

I used the CC3 bundle here as well with heavily editing the result in PS afterwards.

I´m really looking forward for your comments & perhaps advice?

Click image for larger version. 

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my main issue is: the cave-entry in the middle of the lake looks boring & isn´t THE eye-cather. My players will arrive at the top of the huge cliff in the south. Their goal is to sneak in the camp and finally try to reach the cave & see what´s inside. But i need some cool effects (aka red big arrow "ADVENTURE HERE, PLEASE ENTRY").

I personally thought about some mysterious shadows with some green/purple glow arround and perhaps a small light glow inside the dark hole of the cave? But I have no idea how to do this lighting thing in PS properly, the mediocre results at the firecamps and watchtowers may show it...

Thanks a lot in advance, please feel free to comment any other aspect of this map, too.