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Thread: Inquiry: Removing Harsh Lines In FT3?

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    Question Inquiry: Removing Harsh Lines In FT3?

    Brand new here, jumping in with a question straight away. I hope this is a matter of tweaking a setting or two in FT3 or Wilbur...

    I've got a world map originally generated many years ago in Wilbur and since messed with in various versions of FT, most recently FT3. I'm committed to the world -- it's part of a developing storyworld, so I (unfortunately?) can't abandon this map. But!

    The map, using the ridged multifractal formula in FT3, has some very sharp curved lines in the land masses. These are interpreted as very narrow lines of relatively high elevation. They really mess with things like river generation and whatnot, and of course don't make much sense from a realism standpoint.

    Here's a screenshot that will hopefully show what I'm talking about. The full size version really shows it:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Can anyone (Joe?) point me in the right direction?



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    Those lines are the ridges in "ridged multifractal". Those are probably the first octave of noise; other ridges for the spines of your mountain ranges. There's not much that you can do about them beyond selecting the lowlands, feathering the selection a little, and lowering the roughness a bit. That will reduce the effects of your low-octave ridges, but at the cost of smoothing out the whole lowlands. If you can tolerate burning into the surface, then you should just be able to paint those out directly (if you're good at painting, you could also paint into the roughness channel, especially if you use an image-based brush with enough noise and feathering to avoid the round artifacts too often seen from brushing in FT).

    I should play with FT3 more (it's been a while) and see if I can figure out some things to do about that without revving the software. I just seem to have completely run out of time now that there's a critter running around begging for attention.

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    One thing I remember from years ago is your lightning fast response time, Joe. Nice to see that's still the case, critter or no. Thanks! I'll give your suggestions a try... and if I fail, I might just solicit someone here to give it a go.

    Thanks again!


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