Hi guys, what I'm about to propose might anger some people, but I honestly have no other choice left. I've heard all the "Make your own map" comments and really have tried to do so, but I'm an author, not a cartographer. What I need, desperately, is a map for my story. The story takes place on two continents, significantly different in size (the one to the east is larger). The main continent (on the west) is well sized, but not large enough that one side is noticeably culturally different from the other. There are a fair number of mountains and forest on this continent (named Numenor), but there aren't many forests (only two, but one is fairly large). Numenor is dominated by the race of humans called Numenorians, tall, fair, and proud people. The other continent (Khorviare) is a melting pot of different cultures and races (elves, dwarves, humans, all that good stuff). Here I let the cartographer loose his hand when it comes to forests and mountains and all those geographical features, but the mountains and forests should be more prevalent in the north as the south is dominated by deserts with a few oasis scattered here and there. When it comes to cities, I'll handle the naming and placing, same goes for geographical features. On Khorviare there should be a long mountain range separating the north from the south. That's... well that's how I basically imagine my world. It all always works out so perfectly in my head, but the moment I try to draw it out I lose the image. Please, I beg you, someone, make me a map. If my book ever goes big, I'll put in a mention on the cover and backside to both the Cartographer's Guild and the actual person who drew out the map. Well, I'm probably not going to get my map, but hey, I guy can wish right?