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Thread: Greetings, cartographers.

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    Default Greetings, cartographers.

    How are you, guys?
    Surfing the Internet, I found this amazing site. I've always wanted to create my own map, but I just... I just can't do it. So, I want to use this place as my guide so I can start making my own worlds.
    Thanks everyone! See you later!

    By the way: amazing works! Congrats!

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    Hi Kilyebel and welcome! I just registered myself a few days ago and have already got a lot of help and inspiration for my project from this community. Hope to hear more from you soon!


    Aleksi Hietanen

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    Welcome to the Guild Kilyebel! There are plenty of walk-throughs in the tutorials section to help you get your feet wet. Feel free to post up a WIP once you begin a project and ask for feedback, it's a good way to learn new tips and tricks.


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