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Thread: The foundations of a new world

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    Help The Foundations of a new world

    Hello, I am here looking for some help on the basic shape of the continents in my world. I realize this map is incredibly crude, but before I go on to do any more work on it, I wanted some input and advice from the experts first. This is only a very rough drawing of the shape of the continents, once I settle on something that is appealing Ill go in and detail all of the coastlines on zoomed in scale. The continents are meant to rival the continents of the real world, to give you a sense of what scale im going for. I want my landmasses to be realistically and naturally shaped yet aesthetically pleasing. Im basically just looking for advice on how it looks, and how I can make it better. I guess I should mention that the world is going to have several empires and warring factions, (wait, isn't that every fantasy map?) so I tried/am trying to include some interesting land and water shapes for interesting and/or challenging places for these empires to fight over and around.

    Also forgive me if my thread is in the wrong place or I post the image incorrectly, Its my first post here.

    Click image for larger version. 

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