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    After seeing all the amazing work in the guild, and with a little background in Photoshop, I thought I'd finally sign up for membership. We've been running the standard DnD 4E adventures for about a year now and since I'm DMing several adventures, I want the group to have some nice table-top maps. And any skills I can learn in this I want to take into making homebrew maps once we finish.

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    Firstly, Welcome to the Guild, The Mappiest Place on the Web.

    Secondly, you have most deffinatly come to the right place to pick up mapping skills. You should look at the tutorials forum for pointers and post your work in the WIPs (Works In Progress) forums for feedback and answers to questions that may arise. Don't be shy, we are a friendly bunch and we do excell at helping people learn the skills, if I do say so myself.
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    Welcome to the Guild caseykenobi! I concur with Korash, feel free to dive into one of the tutorials on hand. Look forward to seeing you around.


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