Hi everyone,

My name is Weezdiggity and I just joined today. I have been working on a game project for a couple weeks now and been needing to figure out how to make a map for my game. So I decided to join the community here and learn as much as possible. The game I am creating is a web browser RTS that is post apocalyptic themed. I have am very new to making graphics, so I am looking for mostly a map generator where it is easy to create the terrain and mostly using the map as a background for I will insert sprites for 2d or 3d buildings and other objects. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I also will be looking at a lot of the tutorials I have seen on the forums here in hopes to be able to create what seems simple, a very complex post apocalyptic map. The map size I am looking for isn't a world map, is more of a spread out large city map with a bit of the outskirts of the town like little villages that that are somewhat a suburb of the main city.