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    Wip The World of Avon Arret


    well new map, and it is a work in progress rather then a finished one, like the last time I posted here at the guild.

    using a large(very large I think) black and white image of the earth i used photoshop to completely disassemble copy and paste the continents and islands in different ways to create some vaguely unique looking landmasses. after that i added some new layers filled them with blue and green adding textures and other colors to make them look slightly more interesting.
    and now i am posting it here for others to comment on it. of course as its a work in progress its not finished the things that are needed are

    • Mountains
    • Rivers
    • Deserts
    • Forests
    • Etc.

    Feel free to suggest locations for where these things might possibly be placed because I am at a loss.

    Edit: i do apologize if the link is not the correct way to show my work but i was unable to get it as an attachment (probably do to size)
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