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Thread: The map of Szirakasz - A fictional contry with a real world location

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    Wip The map of Szirakasz - A fictional contry with a real world location


    I am Eldelion, and I am seeking some advice about my first map.

    The map is going to be used in a fantasy themed summer camp I'm organizing for children. The camp's concept is that the participants take the roles of the citizens of the country of Szirakasz (pronounced as Siracas): They become wizards, knights, merchants, blacksmiths or even the king. The kingdom then faces inner and outer threats.

    This map will be used in the merchant's metagame. It depicts Szirakasz and it's regions (the blue area), the roads the caravans can take and some of the surrounding areas.

    I want to make a fantasy styled map, on which the children may find the places where they have been, or can even be used to find new to explore.
    The fantasy styled maps usually use small trees and mountains to represent terrain. In this case, since the whole area is covered with mountains and forests this method would be rather misleading.

    Currently I'm thinking about drawing Risk-like regions, and the mountains will be represented with lines connecting areas of the same height.
    I still don't know if I should (and if, then how) draw trees, and how will I get that handdrawn-on-old-paper look. Any advice would be appreciated.
    I got the contour lines from a scanlation of a tourist map. Does anyone know of an easy way to vectorise it, and get smooth, continuous lines? While this is useable, I want thinner lines, but when I mess in Photoshop with it the lines get broken.
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