Well, we had a huge turnout this month, which is awesome! I hope to see this level of enthusiasm in the future as well; makes the Guild a great place to hang out.

For this month's challenge, your mission was to map something nautically-related; whether that was a trade route map, a pirate ship, an island chain, etc etc was completely up to you. There were 13 entries this month, and YOU CAN VOTE FOR AS MANY AS YOU LIKE. Just bear in mind that we do need to decide on a winner. That glorious winner will receive a gorgeous silver compass and slavering adoration. Take a look at the entrants below and vote away. Voting will close in 4 days, and the new challenge may go up while the voting for this is still ongoing, so we don't fall behind. Always remember to rep those you feel deserved it.

May/June Lite Challenge Entries