Hello everyone!

I am off for the summer, and will have plenty of free-time for mapping and other activities. As a result, I'll be able to devote an adequate amount of time, energy, and resources into producing a quality map (something I don't think I've been able to do yet). Out of all the ideas I came up with, the most rewarding and appealing was to do a castle. Though I've done a couple things somewhat close to a castle, this map has a different goal. Most prominently, this map will focus on being accurate, having mathematical dimensions, and being realistic.

In terms of actual execution, I'd like to mention a couple things.

--> I am in no way a rush to complete this project: a tentative completion date would be the 15th of July. To reach this goal, without floundering like I've done with just about everything else, I'll update every other day, with exception for my upcoming camping trip. I can't promise each update will be extensive, but it should give everyone a chance to participate and advise my progress.

*If I can, I'll post the update in the morning of DAY A, and then take a look at the comments and suggestions from everyone here that evening, and take the next day to work on it. Then repeating the process until completion. This should give everyone the opportunity to participate and coach me*

--> This, as are all my maps, is a hand-drawn one. It will consist of multiple floors (though I don't know yet how many) and will be as extensive as I can make it. Just brainstorming a list of things that might be part of a castle, it looks like I could fill out a couple floors. I plan to use a micron pen, rather than a sharpie, this time, since I've heard they're really good. Also, I will be looking for special paper (hopefully old-looking) when I go to the crafts store tomorrow.

--> Lastly, I'd like to make the castle as practical as possible, but not by modeling it off a real one. I have some knowledge already about how exactly a castle works, and a few of the details I've read about will certainly make it into my project, but those who have links, knowledge, or anything else could help me by sharing it! Castles were basically fortresses, designed for defense in every possible way, and I mean to capture that same feeling in my project.

*To start off, I want to think of every possible thing that could go into a castle. In previous projects, I've used up all the room or enclosed it just to realize I forgot the library or the basement! If anyone has things they'd like to see, or think would be in, a castle, it'd be great if you could list em off!*

Wish me luck on this project, I have a feeling this is going to be a long-haul! :P