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    Wip The first map for my world

    As announced in an other topic, my first map, albeit infinished, has been made in Paint. I haven't mentioned the names of the peoples, countries and so on on the map, because typing in Paint is a bit messy in my opinion. But I will give a quick overview:

    In the year 3915 NE...

    Green nations : The Irito-Moranian peoples
    North : the Slasvanian chieftains
    East : the succesor states of the Šavrinian Empire
    Centre : the Damarian kingdoms and city states
    Islands : the Iritolian Archipelago Kingdoms
    South-West : Irdonian kingdoms and the Western Teolian Empire
    West : Teolian empires and kingdoms

    Purple nations : The Asmodanian Peoples
    North : Asmodian nomads and the Turvak Ludorak (Invisible Empire)
    South : Envonari nomads

    Red Nations : Cardan Nomads
    East : Cardan coast kingdoms and inland chieftains
    Centre : Lassaran cities and towns
    West : Trakonaj nomads and hunter-gatherers

    Yellow nations
    North and Islands : Pahadan Island kingdoms and chieftains
    South-East : Wusun kingdoms
    West : Kandai city states

    Light Blue
    Amondinian Empire

    Northern Territories
    Scattered farmers and nomads, mostly Cardan, Mirhindön, and Dusan

    Grey Territory
    These territories aren't owned by a nation. The density of people is low and there is no interest in conquering these territories.

    Black Areas
    Mountains. Areas are only owned for strategics source fortresses.
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