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Thread: *** June/July Lite Challenge: Alternate History ***

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    Default *** June/July Lite Challenge: Alternate History ***

    This month's Lite Challenge is to create a map based on the concept of alternate history. For those that aren't familiar with the idea, here's a wiki entry on it: Alternate history - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I can't imagine there's gonna be too many folks on a site like this that don't have at least some passing familiarity with it, but hey, you never know.

    Let your imaginations roam free this month. Your entry can be anything from a world map to a regional or city map, a deck plan of an alternate history universe vessel, a map of an event (a battle, the spread of some alt-Black Plague, the spread of a religion, whatever), pretty much anything you can come up with as long as it's related to an alternate history concept in some way. There's no need to specify what the turning point/point of departure for your alternate history is, but you will be awarded a virtual cookie if you do. My choice of flavor.

    Title each new thread June/July Lite Entry - <your title>

    Precede each WIP image with the tag ### Latest WIP ###.

    The challenge will end on or around the 13th of July, and the winner will receive a superb, shiny, silver compass.
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