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    Wip WIP - Historical Map Game

    Hello everyone, I've been making a small program for a historical map game I'm planning to do on another forum. I started on a map and am still looking to improve it(still have to check out the awesome tutorials here) and wasn't sure if I could add stuff from other people to it without violating forum rules here. The objects I wanted to add are these ships made by Black Sea Studios:

    I made some ships of my own with paint but they look rather cartoonish in my opinion.

    Would it be against the rules to use the Black Sea Studios' ships on my map?

    But first I'll elaborate a bit more about the map game. We did a map game in the past on the aokh forum but ended up with a lot of discussions and a too heavy workload for the hosts. So to fix these problems I wanted to regulate part of the game process to take the workload off the hosts and limit the options a bit to avoid discussions. I came up with a program that would use a map of all the provinces and two xml files with the provinces' information and the countries' information. These combined result in the program drawing the countries and the provinces they own on a different map as you can see below. This way it's easy to exchange provinces, change borders, add and remove countries without having to use a paint program and much of the host's work is done on the click of a button.

    I hope you guys can give me some feedback on the map and maybe some advice on what could be improved.
    Next I'll work on textures.
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