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    Hello! I'm a long-time table top RPGer, mostly AD&D 1st edition homebrew & White Wolf games. I recently got CC3, and can't make heads nor tails of it, but I'm told that's because it is a true CAD program. I know the company has a video to show you how to use it, I'm just REALLY intimidated, but I will get around to viewing it.

    What I'm REALLY looking for is a SIMPLE mapping program, for medieval cities and villages mostly. I can pretty much do buildings and dungeons on graph paper, but whenever I try larger pieces of land, I screw up the scale and proportion and ...well, I end up moodily scrapping it and mumbling how I suck at map making. Does anyone know of a nice, introductory program for cities/villages?

    To be perfectly honest, I really *WANT* to map out, at least roughly, the political boundries for my 'twin continents', which are connect by a landbridge and the sheer-cliff-faced island between them. But I think I'd need a more advanced program to do that; am I right?


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    Welcome to the Guild Kim! Well, I know of no simple mapping program for city maps. It's pretty much a bear of a project no matter what software you are using. There are some CC3 tutorials available in the tutorials section, most of which are available in pdf format here. As to creating regional maps, some members here use CC3 software, others use Fractal Terrains 3 (or Wilbur, a free to download program), but probably the majority of people here use Photoshop or GIMP (some also use Illustrator or Inkscape or sundry other miscellaneous graphics programs). Consequently, most of the tutorials here are written for PS or GIMP, the latter of which is as free to download program. My suggestion would be to explore a few of these tutorials to get a feel for what sorts of map styles you can create with them and then start there. Best wishes.


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    Thanks, Arsheesh! I have, besides CC3, PSP 8. I can barely work it, and I am NO artist! I have a DM/fellow player here on the board, I think, as I've seen the compass rose wallpaper on his computer for quite a while now. I'll have to try to remember to ask him his member name at next game! Anyway, he has CC2 and some of the add-ons, I think, and has produced at least a couple of maps with it that I've seen. He's a REALLY busy guy, though; other than gaming twice every other week and a few times a month, I don't get to talk to him (or his wife) much.

    I remember when PSP had 'tubes', images which you could drop at almost any size. I was kind of hoping to find something like that, just generic map symbols....then I *might* be able to make a map. But thanks for the welcome. I'll take a look around and see you on the boards!

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    welcome on board Blackwood - I use photoshop myself, but I believe that GIMP has tubes... so maybe try that one out. There are lots of tutorials for it on youtube, however it is a graphic program and is therefor a bit hard to learn when you begin. An idea could be to find some clipart buildings and simple cut and paste from those onto a map - that would at least get you started
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