Hello! I'm a long-time table top RPGer, mostly AD&D 1st edition homebrew & White Wolf games. I recently got CC3, and can't make heads nor tails of it, but I'm told that's because it is a true CAD program. I know the company has a video to show you how to use it, I'm just REALLY intimidated, but I will get around to viewing it.

What I'm REALLY looking for is a SIMPLE mapping program, for medieval cities and villages mostly. I can pretty much do buildings and dungeons on graph paper, but whenever I try larger pieces of land, I screw up the scale and proportion and ...well, I end up moodily scrapping it and mumbling how I suck at map making. Does anyone know of a nice, introductory program for cities/villages?

To be perfectly honest, I really *WANT* to map out, at least roughly, the political boundries for my 'twin continents', which are connect by a landbridge and the sheer-cliff-faced island between them. But I think I'd need a more advanced program to do that; am I right?