Alternative history! Irresistible. And after some thinking, researching, and going through old ideas, I've come up with something that I really want to make.

The currently most popular theory (I think) about how the first humans reached the Americas is that they came from Asia across the Bering Strait on a land bridge that has now disappeared under the sea. Some stayed, some moved on southward. The map I'll make for this challenge assumes that many more stayed, and that the Aleut people (who call themselves Unanga, hence the title) built trading city-states and eventually an empire in the region, with trade routes to China, India, the Inca empire, etc. Everything I know about this subject is from Wikipedia, so it might not become the most plausible alternative history ever constructed, but I like it Hopefully I'll have time to do some more thorough research and make a timeline… hopefully…

Here's what I have so far. I used the simple world map overlay found in G.Projector and made it azimuthal equidistant (because I have a thing for that), then I printed it in three A4 sections, cut into templates, and traced them onto aquarelle paper. For the rivers and lakes, I looked at Google Maps and tried to copy the biggest ones. Not a very accurate method, so that's another thing that is alternative in this map: the rivers took slightly different paths. Anyway, I "inked" the lines with acrylic paint, and that's where I am now. I think I'll be trying a modern atlas style this time.

### Latest WIP ###
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