For a Play by chat game of the Rifts RPG I have made a map of the Walled neighborhood that the character's live in. It's more of a small village with almost 200 houses to it. Still it's about a half mile to a mile to a true city of 30,000 people.

I started out by drawing the character's yard this was drawn in a one square = one Foot Scale.

The Yard

Then I increased the scale by 10 so that one square = ten feet.

The Neighborhood

As you can see I ran out of room for the whole neighborhood.

Still I put the Image into MS Paint and completed the neighborhood at least to the neighborhoods layout.

Complete neighborhood

While the neighborhood is now completely imaged It looks bad compared to the hand drawn maps. Thus I stopped coloring it in with Paint and I haven't started on a even larger scale map that includes the nearby City as a City is beyond my capabilities at the moment.