Hello people of the cartographers guild. I do not really know what to say so i will start with i think cartography is cool but there is so much that goes into making a map believable. I really like fantasy and I really want to write a book about some of the adventures in a world I created but I did not feel comfortable writing it with out a map to refer to. I kind of went backwards and made the people and the cultures before I made a landmass. I use campaign cartographer because my drawing skills are made of butt I have the land mass but I do not know how large of an area I want to cover because I cant have my characters running all over the entire world and when ever I try to lay out the mountains and stuff it all looks really awkward and done on purpose so I have come here to ask people that know what they are doing when it comes to cartography so then I can make my map and get started on my book.