Well, I'm attempting to do a really big battle map for playing Mordheim on a virtual table. The full size is 96x48 in virtual inches (or grid squares if you like, though it will be gridless) but I only have a section here (roughly the eastern half). There are a whole host of things to work out as I build this, but I'll start at the beginning and keep updating my progress here.

The battle map is supposed to represent part of a city in ruins with an open plaza at the centre (the circular flagstone pattern on the left hand side). Because this will be used for a skirmish game, my major challenge is representing the different heights in some way that is unambiguous (or at least relatively easy to figure out) for players using it. Rather than a flat map where walls block line of sight, the walls on this map will be varying heights: some will be nearly completely crumbled, others will extend up one or more stories. The game involves a lot of positioning for those pesky cross-bow snipers, sneaking through cover, and finding ways to outmaneuver your opponent.

So my requirements are:
-unambiguously display height differences
-show windows and similar gaps
-show walls that are only partial, provide cover but don't block line of sight
-show walls that are solid and block line of sight
-show walls that block line of sight on a lower level but are only partial on a higher level
-provide a playable and strategic table
-and look at least a little convincing, though concessions will be made to playability and time

I'll keep posting updates as I go, but I'd be happy to hear any advice on resolving the difficulties, or pointers to examples of maps that do similar things. Going forward my first task will likely be to fill in the large blocks with more precise building outlines.
Oh, and the yellowish areas are going to be places where the ground is elevated one story up.

Thanks for reading!


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