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Thread: First map of the World Of Theveral!

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    Default First map of the World Of Theveral!

    I apologize for the bad name, I have never been good at naming things. This is the beginning of my first serious map. This is the whole world I want it to be the size of Earth. Im making this map because I want to start writing about a the world I created but I do not feel comfortable writing the book just yet because I fear that I may get confused because I made the mistake of making story lines, the races, culture and the landmarks such as rivers and mountains before I made something to refer to. My world is there up in my head but its just broken up into lots of little pieces floating about in darkness of my mind, yesterday the pointy side of one of mountains in my world hit my cerebral cortex lol. One of the issues im having now is what area should I focus on because I can not have my characters running all over the entire world in one book or story. This is what I have so far, I think im going to just focus on that Eastern side.
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