Hello, all. I am an aspiring fantasy writer. Recently, I created a world for a short story which I submitted to the Neverland's Library Anthology. At some point in the future, though, I would like to expand upon this and work it into a novel-length work. My map-drawing skills are poor, so I would like someone to create a map for this world based on the rough sketch that I have created.

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Here is a quick run-down of the setting. Tolysia of old was a verdant land of sprawling jungles, plains, mountains, and marshes. However, the guardians of this land - the dragons - fought a bitter war against their queen, who wrought ruin in the form of fire. She had been taken by the madness that an evil god made to undo all fo the great work of dragonkind. When the dust settled, the land was a desert, and all but a few of the draconic spirits were dead, at least in physical form. One dragon survives, and her power is worshipped as the bringer of rain and storms. For the nomadic Qui'thani, this means journeys to one of several sacred pools to get the water that they need. Only one can be full at any given time, leaving the others dry, and those who remain there victims to the sands. However, in a place called The Prosperous East by many, water is not such a problem. Due to the unique way water flows between the two pools of this area, it is never devoid of water. Trade between cities often depends upon the flow of water. The canyon that dominates this area is replete with marshlands that sustain crops. The cities of the East have collaborated to build a wall to keep out the nomadic tribes such as the Qui'thani. (Much like Hadrian's Wall)

The Eastern religion is of the belief that dragons as a group of creatures brought about the end of Paradise. This belief does not, of course, go without a grain of truth to it. In recent times, missionaries of this religion (called the Vasheen) have started to indoctrinate the tribes of the West. They make sacrifices to a being that they call the Firebringer (current name. Will probably change) make pilgrimages with their offerings to the volcanic Fumaroles in the south. Much like the Pools, the Fumaroles go through intervals of activity and inactivity. They see the correlation as proof that the nomadic tribes are bringing about a second destruction of their world by worshipping the draconic spirits of water and storm. However, the being that they pay tribute to is none other than that of the dragon queen that brought destruction of the world.

What I'm looking for:

I'd like for someone to use my sketch, and make a similar map, but with a more professional appearance. If, oen day, I do end up writing and publishing this world as a novel, then I would arrange payment for the use of it. For now, the map that I would like will for my own use. I would like to post it various places like Facebook, or DeviantART. You will of course be credited as the original creator of the map, and you may use it in your own portfolio. If you are interested, please email me. We can hammer out some more details of the world, and what I would like, as well as what I should expect. (It is free, after all.)

email me at: austinblan--AT--gmail.com