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On the 1st of january 1350, out of nowhere, the level of the sea starts rising. Gargantuan waves start to destroy the coasts of Europe and after only a few month, more than half of the landmass of the old continent is underwater. Those that could fled for the highlands that still peak over the water. Entire kingdoms and empires were destroyed in less than a year. Some lucky nations managed to grab a lot of territory and to eliminate foes during that time.

We are now in 1359 and here is the situation.

In the Iberian Peninsula, the Kingdom of Portugal disappeared, all that is left is the city of Silves which rules it's own island. During the chaos of the disaster the catalans of Aragon declared war on the kingdom of Castille and got the upper hand. The Iberian Peninsula is in total war. The people of the former Kingdom of Galicia declared independence which doesn't improve the situation.

Western Europe got destroyed. The great Kingdom of France was drowned and only Paris remains, capital of what is now the Kingdom of Île-de-France. Former vassals of France rose up in power and seized big amount of lands. The Aquitaine, completely blocked off Aragon by the Pyrenaes is focusing of the traitorous Kingdom of Burgundy that holds a grudge against the formers vassals of France. Thankfully, the now Kingdom of Champagne joined the war against Burgundy and victory is now within reach. As always, someone is profiting from war. The confederacy of Switzerland supports Burgundy by selling weapons and mercenaries. How rich can one kingdom get ? Finally, Lorraine, that was once the great kingdom of Lotharingia now rules once again on leagues of lands and imposes it's will.

The dutch minors were all put underwater except some highlands of Holland which, thanks god, was already renowned for it's massive fleet. The Dutch use it to raid the coast of still trembling neighboring kingdoms.

To the north-west, the British Isles have almost disappeared. England did though. The Kingdom of Wales and Scotland are safe on their highlands and the Kingdom of Northumberland is all that remain of what we call English culture. Ireland was sliced in too, only the elevated Kingdoms of Munster and Ulster remain, both fighting each other for control of what we now call the Irish bay.

In Scandinavia, Sweden disappeared, to the joy of the now mighty Kingdom of Norway. Although futile resistance comes from former Swedish vassals of Jämland and Smaland. It would already be over if it wasn't for the savage Finns from Finland that declared independence from the gone Sweden and attacked Norway. We can only hope the uncolonized tribes of the Kola Peninsula known as the Sami will seek opportunity and have the Finns taste their own medicine. Maybe Norway needs allies ? But who's left ? Iceland ? They declared their independence and will not help.

Further south in the Italian Peninsula the Merchant Republic of Genoa still make trade of everything tradable. Venezia, Alexandria and Lübeck gone, their economic supremacy is unmatched. Although their undamaged ports and markets could attrack unwanted attention... the lombards of Firenze from the Kingdom of Florence won the race in the peninsula. But for now they are busy fighting the Kingdom of the Two-Sicilies that is knocking on their backdoor. The sneaky newly formed Kingdom of Sardinia-Corsica also started to raid the Italian coast for goods from the drowned cities of Siena, Pisa and Rome. Rome is gone as is the seat of the Pope and the Pope himself.

The Holy Roman Empire is no more. Who would have thought that possible ? The emperor now at the bottom of the ocean, the Kingdom of Hesse is all that remains of the northern germanic kingdoms and looms dangerously over the smaller Kingdoms of Swabia and Bavaria. I would be worried if I was them, because all that is stopping them to be trapped between two forces is the mountains between Austria and their lands. Another country brings balance in the lands east of the Rhine though, the mighty kingdom of Bohemia was untouched by the disaster and expanded massively it's territory.

But even the mighty Kingdom of Bohemia trembles before the now immense Hungarian Empire. They recently defeated the Bulgarians which now pay heavy tributes to them and Serbia is among their allies. We've heard of courageous Croatian knights defending their homeland against the Hungarian invaders. God help us if the empire grabs more territory. At this point, Poland may have a chance at shaking Hungary if they seize opportunity. But will they do it ?

Possibly, at this point anything is possible. Even the almost defunct Byzantine Empire let Constantinople drown and managed to grab back their European lands back from the Ottoman Empire which now fights against many rivals in Anatolia. They must fight by arms against the Sultanate of Armenia and the Empire of Trebizond. Recent news are great for the Ottomans though, seeking redemption, several thousand of knights left their homelands, became Hospitaliers and joined the Knights of St.John that were sitting in the city of Rhodes. The Hospitalier Orders is also back financially by the Merchant Republic of Athen that is raising a massive fleet.

In Middle-east, the Sultanate of Syria grew strong and threatens everyone. The Sultanates of Jalayrids and Kara Koyunlu are holding their ground though. Maybe are they hoping the sea will continue to rise and flood the vast deserts of Syria ? It better happens quickly because the tribes of Kazakh are moving in from the east and will not stop until they reached the highlands of Anatolia. The Kara Koyulun would have to worry about Georgia. But the ferocious Nogai horde built many ship following the cataclysm and are now raiding the lands and pushing into the Middle-East from the west of the Caspian Sea. They split from the huge Golden Horde to the north that is now attacking the Russian municipalities.

Speaking of them. In the sea stands the Kingdoms of Smolensk and the lands of Niznij Novgorod both seeking to conquer the small island of Zaporizhia. Although there's rumors of Niznij Novgorod silently conquering the cold archipel of the Ruslands. They'll have to fight the Golden Horde for it though.

We do not know what will happen. But all we know is that bloody years are to come.

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I've decided to participate to this challenge ! I didn't have much time for it but I'm pretty happy with the result and the practice it has provided me with.
Any critics is welcome.